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About AnnMarie Halterman

AnnMarie Halterman, born and raised in Wisconsin, began her military career at the Air Force Academy. Commissioned and given the Civil Engineer career field, AnnMarie was mentored by many Airmen, enlisted, civilians, and officers. She was taught professionalism, dedication to the mission, and tenacity when problem solving at home station and in deployed situations.

As a Senior Advisor at the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), AnnMarie heard military and veterans discuss the healing and uniting power of the arts. As evidence based academic research findings report on the healing, wellness, and uniting impact of art (Creative Arts Therapy and therapeutic art) and hearing hundreds of testimonials, AnnMarie was inspired to focus on community nonprofit, inclusive arts initiatives.

As a collective group, the Uniting US artists and team are representative of the diversity seen across our nation. The artwork and artist narratives are the entry point for viewing and the focal point during engaging events. Uniting US works diligently with partners to create an environment for personal biases to be set aside so respectful conversations can promote learning and broaden understanding .

  Inspiration for Uniting US

What happens when an Air Force Veteran and highly awarded middle school department head teacher join forces? UNITING US

A nonprofit with the mission to inspire, empower, and unite military, veterans, their families and the communities in which they live through the arts. Founded by AnnMarie and her partner Tiffany, they found an appreciation for art's healing power. Together, they designed a framework to inspire people and make arts accessible, empower creativity and engagement, and unite people for meaningful discussions.

In addition to the PTSD and Military Sexual Trauma veteran's art festival activities, Uniting US is leading a national call for Veteran History Project interviews and other meaningful artifacts from US Military veterans.

History books are written using documentation of military and lives experiences!

Uniting US is pleased to announce the introduction of our Humanitarian Arts program where Uniting US Professional Art Mentors, military, veterans, and their families artists can create artwork to support humanitarian initiatives. Leading the kickoff to our newest program is nationally recognized sculpture artist (and Uniting US Professional Mentor) Austin Casson and Marine veteran artist Maria Carrion. Combined, Austin's Forever Free ,33" stainless steel sculpture, and Maria's For the Children 20"x20" painting represent the people of the Ukraine and the infrastructure and facilities damage as well as the loss of loved ones impacting all living and future generations to come.

Forever Free and For the Children artworks are being prepped for public auction in DC in late June, 2022. All proceeds from the purchase of these and other Ukrainian supportive artworks are designated to Ukrainian relief support. Artists or art collectors interested in joying the Uniting US Humanitarian Ukrainian Cause program can contact US via the e-mail.

Learn more HERE! 

SHOP HERE for inspiring veteran art pieces by AnnMarie and other veteran artists!

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