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Major Christina Helferich-Polosky, US Army Retired, is the Founder of LLC

About Christina Helferich-Polosky
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My name is Major (Retired) Christina Helferich-Polosky, and I was 100% disabled and medically retired by the US Army in 2009 because of multiple physical and mental injuries and illnesses I suffered after 11+ years of successful active-duty service as a Transportation and Information Operations Officer. Most of my disabilities were later attributed to unknown chemical, environmental and burn pit exposures that occurred during my combat deployments to Kuwait/Iraq (OIF) in 2003 with the 7th Transportation Group (Forward) out of Fort Eustis, VA where I was awarded the Bronze Star and Bagram, Afghanistan (OEF) in 2008 with CJTF-101 out of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) from Fort Campbell, KY where I was MEDEVACd home after becoming seriously ill several months into my deployment.

But some injuries—some wounds and abuse—I buried deep and couldn't bring myself to talk about—or report, until very recently. Instead of seeing my professional accomplishments, the differences I made in the lives of my Soldiers, and the role model I was to my children—I just became overwhelmingly sad and overcome by darkness. So, after decades of hiding the pain, clarity following an acrimonious military divorce in early 2021 and several unconventional therapies that incorporated different forms of art—I am finally beginning to truly believe it is not what's wrong with me—it is just what happened to me.

Art—in all its healing forms; for me painting, sculpture and collage—genuinely aids in helping me see that I am more than my broken past. The power of art—to include the written word, has finally set me on a true and healthy path forward to finding the voice I thought I lost—or had taken from me—over all those years, finally being able to express what I could barely say out loud:


"I may be wounded, but I am NOT worthless."

Thus, as part of my specific healing process, I created the free online art gallery cooperative LLC for female military, veteran, and wounded warrior artists, like myself, as a source of inspiration and empowerment as we each find our own true artistic vision and voice. I invite all female military related artists to join my site for mentorship, guidance on how to write and develop their own artist statements, as well as just discovering a safe space to share works and brands within a galvanized network of support.

I still have days where I feel like I am stuck in the murky pit of my past, falling back down into that gloom and muck. But now, I have a medium with which I strive to create a new self-narrative using my wounds as a positive source of inspiration, instead of something that I allow to drag me back down into that black pit of despair. I am still sick with what I call the “burn pit trifecta,” struggling with neurological, gastrointestinal and immune disorders that require multiple VA medical visits each month. I always will. I also continue to battle depression, anxiety, PTSD and most of all: pain, which can be physically and psychologically induced. But I now accept there will be good and bad days and I will try to create my art through them all.

A major component of my process lies in attempting to translate my confusion and sorrow into some sort of tangible media using whatever is at hand—be it paint, plaster, clay, steel, wood, metal, embroidery, vintage paper products or a mixture of all these and more. By physically displaying my story this way, it gives me separation to analyze my hurt instead of continuing to internalize it. I equally enjoy applying thick applications of acrylic paint mixed with heavy plaster mediums on very large canvases as I do creating small intricate collages out of vintage scraps of paper and cloth—finding the ‘messy’ part of making extremely satisfying on a very basic level. The resulting effects range from paintings with a very sculptural aesthetic to intimate collages with painterly three-dimensional constructions—finding peace between the crudeness and beauty of it all reflective of how I am feeling on the inside on any given day. Granting voice to these feelings matter because they are important.

And I’m ready to have this conversation with the world!

I'm ready for my art to spark conversations that are uncomfortable about women in the military—about our real experiences without all the eye rolls. Can we please sit down and have an honest talk without being marginalized again by being labeled just another group of angry females without even uttering a sound? Our experiences matter and they are all worth sharing. From the awe-inspiring to the awful. And so, I will say it again: what we say and how we say it matters. Which is why the all-female veteran collaborations we create for ourselves matter. Books like Latina Warrior that COL Lisa Carrington Firmin, USAF (Ret.) invited me to illustrate for her, matter. The work that a Midwest tomboy from Ohio and a Valley Girl from the 956 make together, means something because we created that opus—together.


And. That. Matters.

We truly hope you enjoy our collaboration, but more importantly we hope that it has the power to inspire you to go out and form a team of your own, to create work of your own, that will ultimately become raised voices of your own. Support each other. Promote each other. Empower each other. But above all remember:

We may be wounded in body, but we are not worthless!

Support. Promote. Empower.


Christina Helferich-Polosky is a Virginia Commonwealth University Distinguished Military ROTC Graduate. She earned her BA in History, BA in Political Science and Masters in Teaching before being commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army in 1998 and medically retired as a Major in 2009. She received the Bronze Star for her service in Operation Iraqi Freedom with the 7th Transportation Group (Forward) in 2003, serving as an Operations Officer in Kuwait during the buildup and a night Battle Captain (forward) in Iraq with the Headquarters element before being ordered home early from that deployment to command the mighty Road Warriors of the 508th Transportation Truck Company, 765th Transportation Battalion, 8th Brigade out of Fort Eustis, Virginia.

Other career highlights include being named the US Army Transportation Corps 2003 Active-Duty Component Regimental Officer of the Year, earning her belt buckle on the Goldminer Team as an Observer/Controller at the National Training Center in 2005 and serving as the CJTF-101 Strategic Communications Officer in Bagram, Afghanistan in 2008 with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).


Christina is a Lifetime Member of the MOAA (Military Officers Association of America), the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #8252, the Women Veterans Alliance, and the DAV (Disabled American Veterans). She is privileged to be a current member of WOVEN (the Women’s Veteran Network) and AUSA (the Association of the United States Army). She is also a Featured Artist with (a Veteran Arts Non-Profit Collaborative), the US Library of Congress, and the Military Women's Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.


In 2017, Christina was honored by being bestowed the titles of Kentucky Colonel, signed by then Kentucky Governor Matthew G. Bevin, and Tennessee Colonel Aide de Camp signed by then Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam.


In 2023, Christina was awarded the Daughters of the American Revolution Pennsylvania State Outstanding Veteran Volunteer Award.

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Military Experience


May 1998 – 

August 2009

Successfully completed an 11 plus-year career with the US Army as a company and field grade officer. Specific duties included time as a Transportation / Logistics Officer, Information Operations Officer, Company Commander, and Strategic Communications Officer. Two combat tours: Kuwait/Iraq (OIF-2003) with the 7th Transportation Group and Afghanistan (OEF-2008) with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). 

Awarded the Bronze Star and US Army Transportation Corps 2003 Active Duty Component Regimental Officer of the Year.

Juried & Group Exhibitions 2019 and Earlier


an Exhibition by ARTUP Memphis, TN - Aug 2019

Selected to show:

"Salvageable - Beautiful Disappointments"  

and "Her Voices"

Spring 2019 Juried Student Art Show at Austin Peay University in Clarksville, TN


Select to show my piece "Self Portrait Intestinus"



Selected to show 

“Some Wounds Don’t Bleed”




Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 

Selected as one of only ten Austin Peay University’s student Artists in Residence, 

two semesters in a row


Awarded the Lewter Sculpture Award from the Department of Art,

Art History, and Design, University of Alabama in Huntsville


Awarded the Emerging Woman Artist Award from the Women’s

and Gender Studies Program, University of Alabama in Huntsville


BA in History

Graduated Cum Laude, 1998

Phi Beta Kappa; Dean's List; VCU Honor's Program with completed Honor's Thesis in History

Virginia Commonwealth University

Richmond, VA

BA in Political Science

Graduated Cum Laude, 1998

Phi Beta Kappa; Dean's List; VCU Honor's Program with completed Internship as a Record's Assistant with the Virginia House of Delegates

Virginia Commonwealth University

Richmond, VA

Master of Teaching 

Graduated 1998, 3.9 GPA

VCU AmeriCorps Volunteer (completed over 900 hours of service); VCU RamsCorps Graduate Assistant; Obtained Teaching Certificate for grades 7 - 12 with a Social Science Broad Endorsement and Inner City/At-Risk Youth Focused Practicum / Student Teachings at Richmond City Schools

Virginia Commonwealth University

Richmond, VA

Marymount University

Arlington, VA

Classes towards BFA in Studio Art, 2013-2014, Dean's List

University of Alabama in Huntsville

Classes towards BFA in Painting / Drawing, 2015 - 2017, Dean's List, Humanities and Arts Honor Society 

Austin Peay State University

Clarksville, TN

Classes towards BFA in Studio Arts, 2018 - 2019, Dean's List 


I am currently partnering with  -

I have been extremely fortunate to have found an organization that shares my same love and commitment to empowering veteran artists like Uniting US does. Except they actually have the skill sets and resources in place to actually do more than just inspire artists like me; they can actually make things happen. Because of Uniting US and their founders AnnMarie and Tiffany--I have not only been able to show my previously made art--they have motivated me to CREATE NEW ART and actually get myself out into the world more too! A task my kids probably would have thought previously unthinkable:) Especially after the Covid isolation and my own personal physical and mental health set backs over the past year and a half. But I can say in all honesty that Uniting US saved me and their motto to "inspire, empower, and unite" is more than just words--they are a saving grace for veteran shut ins like I have been--that needed an extra push this past year. I am partnering with Uniting US by making prints of several of my original works with them, then having those prints available on their website, as well as trusting them to display many of my original works in exhibits that they are sponsoring in and around the DC and Maryland area through the 2021-2022 season.

Currently, I am working

 mostly in collage as my personal and health issues have compromised my ability to work in my wood and metal arts studios; however, I am finding this intimate work extremely gratifying.  

Special thanks to my family of caregivers whose support is everything; specifically my children: Hannah Liberty, Jacob, Michael, Tyler, Anthony, and of course Mom & Dad Helferich and Nana & Papa Polosky. A special shout out to my brother and sister-in-law Matt and Annie Helferich who remain a constant inspiration as well as my sisters and brothers-in-law Jill, Pat, Christy, John, Tracie and all the Helferich, Lindstrom and Polosky cousins: your love and support mean the world to me and the kids! Hugs and Kisses to you all!!

Without you all... 

I would truly be worthless.

2020, 2021 & into 2022 Exhibitions and Showings

Endowed By Her Creator

was chosen by the

Jiggy Puzzles and Artshouse Collection 

Operation Arts: Women Who Serve 

art competition based on the theme of Hope, Inspiration, Transformation, & Possibilities to be turned into a puzzle and sold online  beginning 

November 11, 2021:

The original collage of

Endowed By Her Creator

is currently on display at the Takoma Park Community Center in Takoma Park, Maryland until 2022 courtesy of

A Limited Edition Print of

Her Voices

is on display and for sale 

at the Hill Center Gallery at the Old Naval Hospital in Washington, DC until 2022

Warrior Rosie & Presents of Bronze

Will be showcased at the biennial Veteran's art exhibition 

November 6 to 28, 2021 

at The Delaplaine Arts Center in Frederick, Maryland


A Limited Edition Print of

Her Voices

is on display and for sale 

at the Takoma Park Community Center in Takoma Park, Maryland until 2022

A National Treasure

and a Limited Edition Print of 

Endowed By Her Creator 

Accepted into the:

18th Annual Healing Arts Exhibition at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

and will be on display:

 October - December 2021

Garden of Vintage Delights

Accepted into the:



October 28, 2021

Limited Edition Print of:

Buried At The Intersection

Accepted into the Juried Show:

Shifting Tides: Art That Speaks to Our Ever Changing Times

August 11 - September 19, 2021

Columbia City Gallery

4864 Rainier Ave S

Seattle, WA 98118

Her Voices

Accepted into the

The Cultural Center of Cape Cod’s online 

REMEMBERING: 20 YEARS AFTER 9/11 Group Exhibit

Her Voices

Accepted into the Juried Show:



July 10 – August 27, 2021

It Is What It Is - Isolation, Introspection, and Divorce

14th Annual Contemporary Figurative Show

First Friday July 2nd 

and runs through August 25th

The Hilliard Gallery 

1820 McGee is in the crossroads art district, Kansas City, Mo

Her Voices


Buried at the Intersection


National Austin Veterans Arts Festival


Exhibit opens online October 16, 2021

The originals of:

Her Voices


Buried At The Intersection

Are currently on Display at the Military Women's Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery for the Summer Healing with the Arts Exhibition in collaboration with UnitingUS, Community Building Art Works and Armed Services Arts Partnership

May 21-September 6, 2021

I will be the Featured Artist Talk and Art Demonstrator LIVE IN-PERSON!

****AUGUST 28, 2021**** 

Her Voices

Selected for the online exhibit:  


The use of text and language elevates a work of art where it becomes a visual code. A layer of mystery is added, and as humans, we begin to decode what we see to translate it into our minds. The boundless perspectives of text probe ideas and concepts, ConTEXT is a reflection of the power of text where a new layer of visual storytelling takes place.

Buried At The Intersection

Published on Page ​30 


May 2021 Issue

Warrior Rosie

Accepted into the Flagler County Art League's VirtualArt Show of Heroes, Heroines and Heroics 

This is a show about all heroes, whether real or fantasy characters, and their heroic actions.

April 17, 2021 - June 12, 2021

It Is What It Is - Isolation, Introspection, and Divorce

On display as part of the

"Art of Healing" A Group Exhibition Exploring the Intersection of Art and Mental Health

Opening April 3, 2021

Siy Gallery

1026 Folsom Street, Unit A

San Francisco, CA 94103

Her Voices

On display at the Dulles International Airport, Concourse C

Beginning Monday, March 15, 2021 until May 2021

In Celebration of Women’s History Month, Dulles International and Veteran Artist Collective “Uniting US” Present the Artwork of Female Veterans through May 2021

It Is What It Is - Isolation, Introspection, and Divorce

Faces & Figures

A Virtual Art Show

2/28/2021 - 5/30/2021


Perfection, Endowed By Her Creator, Her Voices, It Is What It Is, and A National Treasure

All displayed at the Pamlico Rose

Creative Bonds Virtual Exhibition

2/4/2021 - 3/29/2021

The creative bonds art exhibit is an opportunity for women Veterans and their families to share their individual journeys through art. 

The exhibit is brought to you by Pamlico Rose Institute a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to serving Veterans in North Carolina and beyond.

Her Voices, It Is What It Is, & Endowed By Her Creator

All displayed at the in-person exhibition of:

“The Healing Power of Art”

Jan 8 - Feb 6, 2021

Fine Line Creative Arts Center

St. Charles, Illinois

It Is What It Is - Isolation, Introspection and Divorce

2020 ‘Portraits’  Online Exhibition 

5-28 November 2020

Las Laguna Gallery

577 S. Coast Highway A-1

Laguna Beach, CA 92651

 Her Voices

Honoring All the Heroes! 

Online Exhibition at the Estrada Garcia Gallery

11/13/2020 - 1/31/2021

Self Portrait, 2018 

Ceramic Sculpture with Mixed Media

Art in the Time of Corona

July 2020, Ongoing Online Exhibition


Showings & Exhibitions

2022 Partnership with Boutique on Pomfret

Collaborating Artist in Residence (May-December 2022)

•Selected by store owner, Leslie Rhoades, to be a collaborating artist in residence; 101 N. Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA

•Leslie selected apparel, pins, and limited edition prints created especially for her store of some of my collages (selected by her) which were sold in store (signed, numbered) from May to December 2022

*remaining prints are still available for purchase from this limited edition "boutique on pomfret" run-if interested, contact us at

 Holiday Collage Class

  • Hosted by nDesign Art Haus, LLC at 15 N Hanover Street, Carlisle, Pa 

  • 3 December 2022

  • Intro to collage taught by myself, concentrating on holiday themes and the basics of collage and design  

Uniting US and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s 2022 Women’s History Month Exhibition

  • HONORING MILITARY WOMENS CONTRIBUTIONS Celebrating Service Through the Arts 

  • Exhibition in the Dulles International Airport AeroTrain Station C Concourse

  • Exhibition will remain March 2022-23

  • Hannah is debuting her very first piece of artwork entitled “One Day”

  • this exhibit honors Women in Service and the three generations (1944 - WW2 - to Vietnam to 2009) within my own family with four pieces of my art (all self portraits)

"Veterans' Art and Memory" Exhibition 

  • October 13th through November 29th at the Kavanaugh Gallery in St. CHARLES, IL

  • Fine Line Creative Arts Center granted half the space to be curated by myself for WoundedNotWorthless,com LLC artists!

  • This is the first brick and mortar gallery to feature WNW artists from around the nation, in one place, all at the same time

Harvest of the Arts Festival, Carlisle, PA

  • We were able to get our message out 24 August 2022 and pass out every single piece of literature we had about LLC
  • sold prints of my artwork and put the proceeds towards the cost of shipping for WNW artists who need assistance on shipping their pieces out to our upcoming show opening October 13th at the Fine Line Creative Arts Center in St Charles, Illinois

    Art and Design Department at George Mason University (GMU) 

    • collaboration sharing the healing power of art with veteran artists, GMU, and the community 

    • finished two murals in one weekend under the skilled guidance of senior BFA student and UnitingUs veteran artist Steven Luu

    • art will be displayed at Reagan National Airport (DCA)

    • Celebrating Our Nation: Connecting Calm and Hope

    Art of Collage - Class

    • Hosted by Boutique on Pomfret

    • Beginning collage class, 14 July 2022 

    • Team taught by Hannah and myself focusing on inspiration and encouragement 

    It Is What It Is - Isolation, Introspection, and Divorce

    Invited to the Veterans Day Artwork Tribute at Honfleur Gallery

    • Veterans Day Program with art exhibition and events hosted by the Honfleur Gallery In DC—November 11, 2022 through December 2022

    -Sold 30'x40'canvas print of "It Is What It Is" on opening night

    Library of Congress “From Conflict to Creativity: Veteran Art Showcase” in Washington, DC

    • In partnership with and the Library of Congress

    • “From Conflict to Creativity: Veteran Art Showcase” Festival from June 28-30, 2022, sponsored by the LOC Veterans History Project and Uniting Us

    • I was 1 of 35 demonstrating artists and displayed the originals and several prints of my following works: It Is What It Is, Endowed By Her Creator, Pain, Broken, and The Tradition Begins.

    MLK Jr Library hosted the Uniting US Celebrating our Nation Together public mural art project  

    •  Designed and directed by Sushobha Jenner, Uniting US artists and community members worked diligently to complete this 8’x18’ mural 25-27 June 2022 in conjunction with the LOC veteran art showcase

    • I volunteered with four generations of female service members as artists on this project:: myself, my Army Nurse Mother who served during the Vietnam Era, my grandmother who served in the cadet nurse corps during the WW2 era, and my daughter, who is a military child--who was born at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, Ca and has lived in 7 states and been to 13 schools in her short 16 years (I call that service!) 

    Open Space NFT's of Endowed by Her Creator

    • celebrating service and the healing and uniting powers of the arts! 

    •  Visit the spectrum at:

    A Limited Edition Print of Her Voices

    Uniting Us: VetART (Art Rehab Therapy)

    •This Uniting US sponsored exhibition and Hill Center partnership include meaningful artwork from 36 military, veterans, and family member artists

    •On display and for sale at the Hill Center Gallery at the Old Naval Hospital, Washington DC into 2022

    A National Treasure & a Limited Edition Print of Endowed By Her Creator

    Walter Reed National Military Medical Center's 18th Annual Arts in Health Art Exhibit

    •On exhibit and available for purchase into Spring 2022

    •Courtesy of 

    Pain in my broken, body won’t ever match the, pain from my regret & Broken I stand now, like the poppy honored here, another war done?

    Veterans Day 'Spectrum of the Arts' Artwork Tribute at Honfleur Gallery

    •'Spectrum of the Arts' a Veterans Day Program with art exhibition and events hosted by the Honfleur Gallery In DC—November 11, 2021

    •Both my above collages, were commissioned by Uniting Us, and are based on WWI poems in honor of and partnership with the Society of the Honor Guard Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

    •Uniting US introduces their Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Centennial Art tribute project, of which my pieces are a part 


    Shows & Exhibitions

    Ongoing 2023 Partnership with nDesign Art Haus, LLC

    Collaborating Artist in Residence (December 2022 - May 2023)

    • Selected by store owner, Natalie Dohman, to be a collaborating artist in residence; 15 N. Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA

    • Natalie has chosen to display my original art in her gallery along with the art of my LLC artists, as well as our apparel, jewelry, and limited edition prints in her gallery (all specifically selected by her) which will be sold in her gallery and on a rotating basis from December 2022 through November of 2023.

    -I also volunteer as a demonstrating artist, promoting the WNW artists that are on display, during her open studio hours

    Finding Your Inner Power with Collage Class

    nDesign Art Haus, LLC

    • January 14, 2023, hosted by nDesign

    • New year, new you. We will meditate and then create a self portrait-collage style

    • I lead the class on an inner journey in order to coordinate a portrait that portrays a true sense of self bathed in love and light by first cutting then pasting together everything you need to recreate the image you need to see in yourself

    "Memories Reside in the White Cliffs of Dover"

    • Mixed Media Collage

    • 36"x48"

    • Completed January 2023

    • Displayed at the 16 March 2023 British Embassy Event in collaboration with Uniting US 

    • "Peace of War: Intertwined Through Art" Allied Arts Exhibition

    • The Honourable Dame Karen Pierce, British Ambassador to the United States and UNITINGUS.ORG, an American nonprofit that uses Integrative Arts to promote healing, wellness, and community invite you to the Allied Arts Exhibition.

    • Artists from the United Kingdom and the United States join together to honor a British/American commitment for peace and to recognize the power of Art to heal both mind and body while building stronger allegiances at the individual, community, and national levels.

    • United we stand! The essence of the allied relations between the United Kingdom and the United States spans the spectrum between war and peace running deeply through political affairs, cooperation in commerce, technology, and in the fundamentals of arts and sciences

    • Join UNITINGUS.ORG and UK artists in an exhibition celebrating the healing and uniting aspects of therapeutic arts in the exquisite North Star Exhibition Hall. Artworks present the healing and uniting arts and show the personal alignment and commitment to one another. Watch for the release of the Allied Arts online exhibit!

    Uniting the World Through Art

    • Unveiled on 16 March 2023, I participated with my daughter (Hannah Liberty Polosky) and 78 other community members as the first part an integrative arts activity with the World Wide Art Project and Uniting US

    •  Jolanda Aucott's gender neutral portrait design is the basis for 80 participants to present the artist representation of "Love and Peace" and "Fear and War" on two small 8"x8" canvases (independent of each other)

    • Then the participant's canvases were reassembled by the artist to create two 69"x84" portraits representing the collective group's expression according to her vision

    •  The resulting Uniting the World Through Art portraits were then exhibited in Uniting US public gallery locations for artists, friends, and communities to enjoy 

    •  The British Embassy Uniting the World Through Art portraits are currently being relocated for a second public exhibit

    Are YOU a Female Military / Veteran / Wounded Warrior Artist?


    Email Address*


    Thanks for submitting!

    Contact me NOW! I'd love to get you signed up on the site and have your art displayed for all the world to see! I can personally help you draft your first or fortieth artist statement and help you submit whatever type of art you do into whatever type of exhibition you are hoping to get into - or if you just want me to link your art to your own, already established, online store and promote your brand and your wares, I can do that too! We do it all here - BLUF: I am here to support, promote and empower you to achieve your artistic and personal goals. Period. Whatever they may be and however they may change over time.

    Just send me a quick email message here and I will respond to you as quickly as possible; this is a one woman show, but I will get back to you. You are important, your art is important and what you have to say is important and needs to be heard. I want to help you create and achieve and we can do it together. This is also the time to let me know what type of assistance you may need as well. I will share whatever information and connections I have and sit down with you and see what exhibitions I have coming up that we can collaborate on and what would fit in with your schedule and pass on knowledge of other exhibitions happening with other veteran organizations across the nation that you may be interested in as well! Networking is key and we all can help each other a lot more than we know more times than not. Whether you are just starting out or a fully established artist, there is a place for you here at Wounded Not Worthless.

    Thank you for taking the time to look through this online art gallery - hopefully you can visualize your space here too; and remember, while this is not a non-profit, it is a general public benefit business created for female veteran artists like you and me, so I will never charge or take any commission from you to help you on this site or with your projects. I also strive to help you monetarily, when I can, with your costs related to exhibitions and projects associated with our, LLC collaborations. The only profits I make off this site are from the sale of my own art, and that is what I use to directly fund supporting, empowering, and promoting artists like us!

    The most important takeaway here is that it would be my honor to become a value-added member to your own network of female artist friends and a fellow collaborator in the trade with the goal to support and succeed alongside each other - because when you succeed, we all succeed:)

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