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Introducing Artist & Designer

Yvonne Renee Neal

(Click here to view Yvonne's List of Works)

In the Artist's own words:

"I am an Army combat veteran who decided to go back to my creative roots to relieve stress and help others with PTSD and other related illnesses. I believe that everyone is creative and it only takes one spark to lead a person to their passion. My goal is to help and inspire people. My art is everywhere from Israel to California, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. My canvas art has been featured at the VA Hospital in Poplar Bluff as well as in the Stars & Stripes Museum in Bloomfield, Missouri.

People ask me all the time why I started painting. I used to be embarrassed  of my journey. Because my  journey is very different from most, yet similar to some. I have suffered for years with PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma, and chronic pain. My military career has brought me much success but also pain. I love my military career and as broken as I am, I would do it again. My career started at 18, at the Pentagon Health Clinic, with special duty at the White House in 1985. In 1987 I decided to change I became a military police officer. During this time I deployed with my unit the 988th MP Company. I earned my combat patch under 1SG James and CPT Gray while working undercover with the DST team, I became a victim of MST. This was the first incident. My personal life was also spiraling out of control. My first husband killed his girlfriend while we were married. After these incidents, my life changed forever. I didn't understand the things that were going on with me then. I functioned and I did not seek help, but it cost me. I suffered and the people around me suffered more. The next twenty years were filled with more tragedies, one after another. Then one day, coping wasn't enough and I finally got help. I had to leave this story behind me because if I didn't I would never live, laugh, or love again. My artwork is not only my love, it is my story, my therapy. I have made a choice to live the rest of my life with love, peace and happiness.  

I hope my art makes you smile!"

The founder of is excited to announce that Yvonne Renee will soon have a store of her own beautiful designs & artwork that you will be able to access through this site. Until then, you can contact the artist directly for details about purchasing her art at:

"I believe that everyone is creative and it only takes one spark to lead a person to their passion. 

My goal is to help and inspire people."

- Yvonne Renee Neal

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