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Bernie Donato 

List of Works

Click on any of the artwork displayed below and it will take you directly to the artist's personal website. Once there, you will find out wonderful details about these and other fabulous pieces as well as how to purchase her works! 

As always, never takes any type of commission to display, support, or empower the artists we promote on our site. We rise together when we support our sisters in arms.  


Colored pencil on watercolor

A watercolor dedicated to my deceased sister.


Colored pencil on mat board



 Mixed Media: colored pencil with watercolor background

(Australian soldier)

 "Rising from the Ashes" 

 Acrylic on canvas

(Invictus games)


Mixed media: Colored pencil with watercolor background

 (My brother who died 30 years, ago)

 "Sunshine kind of Day"

Colored pencil on mat board

"Angel of Ardennes" 

Mixed media colored pencil with watercolor background

This is Lt. Katherine Flynn Nolan. I took a photo of her at the WIMSA dedication in 1997. She is a WW2 vet with an amazing story. Google her. She passed away last year.


colored pencil on mat board


Colored pencil with watercolor background


colored pencil on mat board

"That Others May Live" 


Capt. Joel Gentz, Pedro 66 Air Force Para Rescue. KIA 2010

"The Road Home" 

Acrylic on Acrylic pour

"True Grit" 

Shawn C. of Team RWB

Shawn is an Army vet who is wheelchair bound. I created this acrylic from a photo I took of him at the St. Paddy's 8K race in Raleigh, NC

My Journey to Acrylics

My journey in the use of acrylics started just about a year ago. l signed up for an acrylic abstract class. This class was the first time I had ever used acrylic paints. The above scene was painted from leftover paint on my palette. 


"Not Forgotten" 

Laura visiting Jessica at Arlington

Laura is and Jessica were deployed together in Iraq. In 2017 Laura and I visited Jessica's grave site in Arlington. I created this piece from a photo I took of Laura honoring Jessica. This is a mixed media ink with pastel.

My Zen Story

A few years ago I took a class on Zentangle. I found that drawing repetitive patterns on paper was incredibly relaxing. I took my basic knowledge and expanded it to Zen based pieces. Just about all the pieces I do start from one of my original photographs. On the above piece, I used a stencil then Zentangled the flower.

My Photographs

Click the above picture to explore my photography gallery.

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