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Until my site is back up and running, here are a few examples of my art you can view until my full gallery is restored by Vista + Wix.

Christina Helferich-Polosky's
Art Gallery
Please be patient with
Vista + Wix
while they fix their error!

On Aug 10, 2023, WIX EDITOR, began the supposed "Seamless" Manual Migration process from Vistaprint, the company I was extremely happy to lease my website domain for years with, to Vista + Wix, who now apparently owns and operates my website domain, and marketing, etc.  I design and create my own web pages, so the only thing I need from my website company is the domain name and the apparatus to keep me up and on the internet etc. Upon the first saved transferred entry by at 4:58 PM, my ENTIRE art gallery portfolio page that I have used and saved my art on, without error, for the past decade under the title "Christina Helferich-Polosky's Gallery" was skipped over/and possibly deleted (as it was the first gallery up under "Our Artist's Galleries" tab). Thankfully, the rest of the artist galleries were transferred over correctly starting with my own graphic design page on down. I have been in a seemingly unending work order struggle to get Vista + Wix to somehow find and repopulate my Gallery page from my original Vistaprint website since speaking with tech support personally on 7 September when both websites were visible in my Vistaprint account digital marketing area, and the technician on the phone was able to see my missing page at the same time as the new site that had the page missing and wrote the work order up saying it would take 24-48 hours to repopulate. As of 9/30/2023 Vista + Wix is still not able to give me a date for when my gallery will be ready for public viewing. Yes, it seems this process is slow if not broken. All I keep getting from them are emails saying my website is fixed with links to my bio page or my graphic design gallery; obviously links that have been up on the site since day 1 of the transfer! Again, I apologize for this inconvenience and complete unprofessionalism by this website company at this time. I know you were coming to this page to see my art and not this apology paragraph. I am hoping we can get my gallery up and running as soon as possible. I assure you that I am being told this situation is being handled. If not, I will be attempting to recreate my portfolio from scratch myself, but that will definitely take longer. I will get my art back up on this website as soon as I possibly can. But recreating over a decade of artwork in gallery format manually will take a long time. I can not even access my original website from Vistaprint anymore. Which while tedious, at least it would have let me make screen shots of my old page to transfer over myself.

Hopefully they will do their jobs and I won't have to recreate anything myself, and the worst that will happen will be the two months that my gallery page went dark. But we will see. As of right now, I can not in good faith recommend Vista + Wix until this situation is resolved. However, I remain fully and completely a truly happy customer of Vistaprint. They have always been completely wonderful and fair to me with all my transactions. I am just so unhappy that this is happening with who they have decided to partner with at this time. Hopefully, we will be able to resolve everything and it won't take another month or more. I will keep you posted on the progress and hopeful soon outcome.

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