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"A National Treasure"

July 2020

9" x 12" - Mixed Media Collage

ORIGINAL - $ 6800

"A National Treasure"

July 2020 - Mixed Media Collage


9" x 12" original collage created with vintage Tiffany & Co. catalogs on 140lb cold pressed archival quality paper, professionally matted and framed.

No one can argue that Rosie the Riveter is one of our most cherished and shared national icons of patriotism during WWII (and of the 20th century in total) but to me, she is much more than that. She is a feminist symbol of power in a time when women were not looked upon as truly independent people, but as mere objects, and the laws in our country treated them as such. But when our country went to war against fascist regimes across the globe, it was women like Rosie who answered the call, not only from home and in the workforce, but also in uniform as well. So, I seek to represent them in this piece, created specifically out of ALL the shades of precious metals, diamonds, and gems that the esteemed Tiffany & Co. jewelry department store catalogs could muster across decades of their vintage catalogs I have collected over the years. To me, creating the ultimate image of Rosie here is showing her as she has always truly been: "A National Treasure" one that stands the test of time--An immaculate testament to women across the decades representing their strength, honor, resilience, and eloquence.

You can own this ORIGINAL piece that others have bought mere prints of before; PA tax WILL be added. Shipping and insurance IS including in the price via UPS ground. Thank you for supporting female veteran artists and the legacy of 'Rosies' wherever they are today!

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