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- Maiya M. Lonesome - 

List of Works

Charcoal Carousal 

All these artworks and more can be seen on our artist's Instagram Page:

"Quiet Time"

Charcoal on Paper

"Creating is something that has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Self taught, I began drawing at a very young age."

From the artist's bio

Many of you are new followers of my page so allow me to introduce myself: my name is Maiya (pronounced like Angelou). I'm the owner, artist, marketer, communications Jack of all trades of Monique Ellington. I'm a self taught artist, Jersey born and bred, current DMV resident. I'm a classically trained pastry chef as I'm sure my dessert photos already led you to that impression. Creating has always been in my blood whether it was on paper or on a plate. I took a long hiatus from art due to life schedules but since 2018 I've been finding my way back to an "old friend", exploring avenues I have never even thought of venturing down before, building this brand and finding my groove with artistic expressions. I admittedly have "no idea what I'm doing" lol which to me makes it even more fun. I'm a sister, an aunt, a daughter, a best friend, and someone who considers the beauty/blessings in every breath. Thank you for being on this journey with me!!! 

As I always like to say, if you hold on, I'll hold on too.

Works in Progress...

See our artist's professional website for more details and purchase information on all her artworks!

untitled unfinished work

 from June 10, 2020 Instagram post

Thank you for taking an interest in my artwork.

I often remark that my art is a view into my soul that is still coming into focus for both myself and for the world. 

If you'd like to reach me personally fill in the contact form on my website or email me directly at

"When I lost my voice, I taught my hands to speak for my soul"

- Maiya M Lonesome

Don't Call Me Boy

This piece conveys the powerful strength of the stark contrast of creating art using only three colors: black, white and red. The image depicts a man with a red cloth tied around his eyes and is meant to signify the blindness that certain segments of society feel regarding certain injustices.


This piece is meant to capture the innocent nature of every child. Even the child that remains inside of adults. I wanted the audience to be drawn in by the stark contrast of the black and white. I purposely left the right side of the piece open because I wanted the viewer to use their imagination to fill in what could have this child so amazed and; ultimately, to have it be personal to the child that lies in all of us.

I'll be Regal, Thank You

This piece is small but powerful; and very personal for me. It portrays a profile of a bald African American woman. Women across all races have a misconceived notion that their beauty is tied up in their crown of hair. I wanted this piece and the title to be strong and powerful by saying that I am so much more than my physical appearance (which includes my hair).

I'm regal, thank you.

Kiss Kiss

This piece is all about that first kiss. Period.

Take Me To Church

This is one of the few drawings of men that I have in my portfolio. Although this piece I entitled "Take Me To Church," but it's not meant to have any type of religious reference. The art focuses on a close up drawing of a man who, from his expression, is clearly distraught about something. The piece and the title are meant to convey to the audience that at some point in all of our lives, we find ourselves in such despair, that to make it through the darkness, we have to believe in something that is bigger than us.

3 am

Available for purchase in canvas prints

sizes 8x10 - 24x30



gallery wraps sizes 12x16 & 18x24


Based on the song 3 am by Matchbox Twenty where the lead singer brings the listener into the raw emotions felt by his mom as she battles cancer. This very personal piece portrays a woman sitting on the edge of her bed, exhausted, wide awake in the middle of the night, with her head to the sky wishing for peacefulness so that she can sleep.

Moment of Solitude

Artwork is signed by artist and dated.

SIZE: 9"x11" pastel drawing on brown toned paper

Sold signed on back in black frame.


Returned from exhibit in Chevy Chase, DC. This artwork is an original design of a woman luxuriating in an inviting blue water scene. The rich and warm tones of this piece along with the serenity of the scene is a perfect compliment to any private collection.

Maiya's Artwork with Links to her Website for Sale and Purchase Details:

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